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Strip poker stories

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Strip poker stories

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University life was very different from that at my school senior high school for all you Americans. Storiez former school had been a rather posh, upper-class type of school, and as I came to the University I entered an entirely new world, and met people I would never have dreamt of even talking to before. One of my best friends that first year was a guy we can call John. He was one step from being a "hippie", but he actually wore a poncho occasionally.

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We tied their arms and legs, and then hog-tied them.

Stories of tie up games

Perhaps he owed them a favor, or perhaps he wanted a favor from them. Both girls said this had been a funny game, and they wanted to play it again another time. And they talked about how my bra and panties would look on the Wall of Shame.

We decided to make a plan so that we would find some girls that would go along with this. It was them storirs me, and I was seeing them as my opponents.

One thing led to another and John and I discovered that we stiries liked to tie girls up. I wanted to keep exploring this feeling. I had done it!

It was about time to put our plan to work. Cheers went up all around. And he liked it.

The storiez two rounds went to us, and soon the girls had their socks off. I felt like I finally understood it all. It was the point of no return. I practically fell into my room, then I lay on my bed and thought about the evening, touching myself under my dress. Chris obliged and turned around, placing her hands behind her back.

Strip poker girl: a true story

And I had to admit, in spite of how badly the game was going, there was something exciting in it. I tried to cover my chest with my arms, but everyone said that was illegal and the bimbo with the dress grabbed my arms to hold them down. The winner could drop the punishment and instead put on an item of clothing he or she had lost earlier.

The tension, and the attention.

Strip poker with a twist

They arrived promptly at seven, looking great. Before, people smiled and laughed; after, people were more serious about the game. I was committed. And that was the last piece of clothing I wore until it was time to go home.

A strip poker story

Whoever lost next lost everything. The third round was lost by me and I was barefoot too. Two hands later, my luck ended. One of my best friends that first year was a guy we can call John.

I had played badly tonight, but in the end, I had learned from the master. After discussing this for a while we both admitted that we liked being tied up ourselves as well, but preferably by a Strio.

The one in the dress laughed and lay down a much better hand. A punishment decided by the winner.

Read a strip poker story online by cheri grade | books

Storoes guy living below was a piano-player at a bar, and never home before two at night, but the best thing was the neighbour next-door. University life was very different from that at my school senior high school for all you Americans. Since my teens I had had very few, if even any experiences of bondage.

Finally I slid them down, wriggling out of them, and let them fall to the floor. It would be a joke. And the roommates knew it. Stip

However, so far I was doing very little winning; I was mostly just trying not to lose too miserably. I had discovered something new within myself.

Again she chose punishment instead of losing an item of clothing. I had surprised him.

Strip poker with a twist - skinny dipping stories

Christine, who wanted to be called Chris, had dark-brown hair, cut rather short in the neck, but with the same length at the sides and in front. The next round had Anna as winner, and she decided to put her jeans back on, sensible girl. She sotries at me.

John told me that he had tied some of his girlfriends up, but none of them had liked it very much. I liked the risk, the uncertainty, the manipulation, the strategy. Ooker it came, and the roommates grabbed it from me.

I must have betrayed considerable fear. There were 6 of us — 4 girls and 2 guys. They made a side bet on whether I was trimmed or shaved.