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Hong thong

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Hong thong

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While Sang Som and Mekhong are quite popular brown liquors they are not quite whiskeys but rather rums: The primary ingredient of these two brands is molasses which makes them spiced rum. I guess just because it sounds better.

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And so it was poured. It was a good night, for which absolutely no photographic evidence remains, partly because a camera became a casualty. Communication via mewing sounds. The bottle magically emptied, and later that night we befriended a friendly gang of local youth, also drinking Hong Thong, who gave me a mystery meat skewer and offered to be my boyfriends. Our visa was running out after 30 days and it was just time to move on.

Tthong in pricey Dublin, the night started off in the flat with Buckfast. The taste was slightly spicy but rather mild and sweet which made it easy-ish to drink. Another amazing hour train ride was ahead of us. I fell into bed, halfway under the covers, and aware of impending pain, while one of the group went to McDonald's and bought food for all the homeless people on the street the same one who tried to adopt the all the dogs in Thojg.

Drinks: # hong thong whiskey (thailand) | route nach unbekannte straße

The bartender put three round ice cubes into a thobg glass. Lesson: Nae Buckfast, as the Scots say. Patrick's Day, still in Dublin. Interesting note here: You see a lot of people buying their bottle at the 7-Eleven and bringing it straight inside the club which the management usually has no issues about.

The only other thing that went in was ouzo. While Sang Som and Mekhong are quite popular brown liquors they are not quite whiskeys but rather rums: The primary ingredient of these two brands is molasses which makes them spiced rum.

These 4 international drinks will give you the worst hangover of your life

The next day I was not painfully hungover, but found that a sedentary state in a darkened, icy room was ideal. It also tastes like grape cough syrup. Homg half a bottle, I was drunk in quite a strange way: It was more of a fourth-espresso high, like I was a paparazzo in Milan. An alright and cheap rum that is rather easy to Honf, not to bad. Of course you can also find Gold Label, Blue Label etc.

No thanks. For those posh readers who have never bought a bottle of British wine off the bottom shelf of a downmarket minimart, Buckfast has been fermenting since the s by some boozy Benedictines at a Devonshire abbey. As a result, we spent much of the third night of my Irish life locked out of my flat: My keys had jumped ship in the third post-Buckfast pub and were never seen again.

Hong thong thai whisky 35% vol, 0,7l

I beg of you, do not thomg this, whatever it may be. He handed me the glass with a half-liter bottle of water and an apologetic look. Lesson: Ouzo is delicious, but can swing dangerously either way the morning after.

A Red Label usually goes for about 2, Baht in the night clubs while you can get a Blend for to 1, Baht and that price often includes the first bucket of ice as well as a couple of mixers. Anger, fatigue, self-loathing, apathy toward life and death. A proud Scotsman, he seemed to believe himself to be the national representative in a cross-channel drinking competition, the outcome of which would be matter of national honor for at least a century.

How good is thailand's best whiskey – hong thong? | thailand redcat

I paid the Galway-born cab driver in Serbian dinar around dawn and fell asleep next to a plate of steak pie and cornflakes. The shenanigans that result from this potent concoction, particularly among knife-wielding Glaswegian youths who love a good bit of petty crime, have merited regular calls for a ban on Buckfast production from British politicians — thonf one from the Scottish health minister and a recent row when Police Scotland asked a shop to stop stocking it.

James has gone off dogs since then. And yet, in seven hours, I had had only six drinks. Alcohol runs through the bloodstream of almost every society — by partaking in the local tipple, even the most foreign of farangs can get a glimpse of what lubricates the cultural cogs. A last Thai lunch and a bottle of Hong Thong Whiskey.

Drinks: # hong thong whiskey (thailand)

All the way up. There was a taxi chase through the streets of the city, which, looking back, seems quite illegal. Lesson: NO. So, from my liver to yours, here are four local brews to avoid abroad — at all costs.

Seriously, avoid these drinks while traveling

Thai people usually drink Red Label which costs about Baht in the supermarket or if they can afford it Black Label for 1, Baht both ml. Also, Greece would solve all of its financial problems if it just charged appropriately for booze. It felt like being on a field trip with school. The next time I had Buckfast was on St. Our preparation for the journey? Lesson: Whiskey that shares a name with underwear is never a good idea.

Thai beverage public company limited

The nightlife consisted of one bar. We waited till our beds were prepared and we could hide behind a curtain to drink it. Events that followed one shot of drinkable paint thinner were largely regrettable: As they say in the Hangover II, Bangkok had all of us now.

I pretended I was a vampire.